Technology for The Future

The use of software automation is rapidly moving us into the future. We use systems to track, schedule, remind, communicate and measure everything we do. This makes real-time information available so that we can more quickly respond to the needs of our customers. Here are some examples:

Automated timekeeping system (smartphone based) that goes beyond just accurate timekeeping!

  • Ensures that staff are where they are supposed to be
  • Real-time remote records kept for all employees and service locations
  • All employees clocked in and out by job type
    • Janitorial associate
    • Floaters
    • Project staff
    • Area supervisor
    • Area manager
  • Alerts for managers in the event of no show, late arrival or early departure
    • Real-time alerts for employees not clocked in where they are scheduled
    • Ensuring no missed service or misunderstanding with our customers
  • Remotely monitor building and employee status

Open communication with our clients has never been easier ! 

Performance Tracking

  • Online reports organize and analyze data
  • Evaluate trends by client, store or employee
  • Identify performance indicators
  • Track response time to completion of work
  • Build custom reports & export to Excel or PDF

Janitorial Inspections

  • Inspection based on scope of work
  • Customized rating indicators
  • Photo attachments
  • Real-time online inspection review

Job Scheduling Automation

  • Schedule work orders and periodic tasks
  • Schedule services by employee or position
  • Receive reminders of scheduled events

Automated Mileage Capturing

  • Reduce Program Costs and Simplify Mileage Management
  • Capture critical information that enables precise mileage tracking, broader intelligence regarding field activities